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About us

Dragon Tech was formed with the principles of making Enterprise level tech soloutions affordable for companies of any size. We also focus our efforts on making a working enviroment where our team can really be who they are and we pride our selves on a diverse work force not only in our skills but our needs and personalities to. 

Build any project!

with DragonTech, you can create custom projects with ease, our team is experienced in many different fields of technology, below are just a few examples of what our team can do
Common Needs
We help even with simple things like word, excel or g-drive
Fully Responsive
We make all projects fit any device and screen size
Quality Monitoring
We will monitor uptime of your website and vital systems
Disability support
We can help you be accessible
Websites are one of the most important things any business can have, our team are experts in CSS, JS, HTML, PHP and we work with common CMS like Wordpress.
We can help setup E-Stores
Cloud APIs Support
We can work with many APIs to intergrate your idea as needed
We can help ensure you stay connected, everywhere
Email Systems
We can help setup and maintain your email servers.
App Design
More and more companies need or want bespoke apps for their product, our team will use powerful design stacks and work with you to make your app a reality
Server Setups
With personal data becoming more of a concern these days, our team can help you setup self website hosting or file storage setups, we can even help larger scale Sys Admin setups
Community Moderation
Platforms like discord, twitter, facebook and more have made it easier than ever to talk to eachother but that brings potential PR nightmares, we can help moderate.


We are proud to have worked with so many amazing companies over the years. Here are what just a few of them have to say about their experience with us here at Dragon Tech.
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barod CIC
Our company has built a great relationship with Dragontech over the past few years. Dragontech have been responsive and innovative on our projects. Their support and training for our team has been fantastic
Midtown Drafting
Throughout all my experience Dragon Tech was a joy to work with. A combination of quick, helpful responses and an evident propensity towards beautiful websites. There isn't a better team you could work with.
Bullet Barry
This Business is professional and highly experienced. The team was quick and responsive and they helped me with anything i needed for my online portfolio.
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