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With us, you can get your projects up and running fast and easy. Create your business website, bring that big app idea to life or just imrpove the workflow at your office, we can help with it all and get people talking about how amazing your IT infastructure is!.

Website Pricing Plans

When we meet and talk about your website we will talk about you indervidual needs as a business and that will help us make a bespoke quote perfect for you, but here is a guide on the sort price you could expect to pay
For small to mid sizes copanies with simple sites
0/3 (pages)
Ideal for E-Stores and companies with dynamic content
0/6 (pages)
For heavily dynamic and growing websites
0/12 (pages)
For bespoke large customer coded projects
Unlmited (pages)
*One time payment can be split into 2 payments
Proceed with this

Managed Pricing Plans

Keeping your business running smoothly can be difficult at the best of time but when your IT systems fail it can be devestating and scary to get working again. With our managed services we handle that stress for you, taking care of emails, servers, IT polocies and much more. Including website maintenance
Standard Plan


We will provide you with upto 4 hours per week, covering many vital parts of a business such as Hardware & Software support. User training, Website maintenance and email managment.
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Premium Plan


As well as all the support covered in the Standard plan, with the premium you will also get Security recomendations, Project Managment tools, User Managment, and an additional 2 hours of support each week for a total of 6 total hours.
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Payment can be split into 3 payments

Moderation plans are super simple for our clients

So many parts of the world today exist in online platforms like Discord, Facebook, Twitter and more. Knowing how to moderate it and keep yourself and team staff online is difficult. We can help with that!
Pre-Post review
Platform Advice
Content Editing
Keyword monitoring
Discord moderation
Social media policies
Engagement Monitoring
Team Training
Creator Discord Accesss
Community Tools
Unlimited Email support
Check our privacy policy on how we collect and process your information.
per month


Weather you have 10,000 followers or 10 followers it is one price for all.

We help with all aspects of moderation
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